I’m a Registered Dietitian & nutrition coach helping you improve your body composition + develop healthy eating skills!

If you’ve ever felt stuck in the all-or-nothing mindset when it comes to eating – just know that I’ve been there, my friend. You might plan and prep “clean” food during the week…only to let the wheels fall off on the weekend and restart the cycle on Monday. Or maybe you have always associated healthy eating with “dieting.” Boy do I know that feeling! My passion for this topic comes from my own roller coaster battling with my weight, relationship with food, and busy lifestyle trying to juggle my goals.

While visiting, I hope you enjoy the content and recipes…but my main goal is to help you develop your own definition of healthy and move closer towards:

  • A body that you are confident in
  • Enough energy to train hard and be present in your career, family, and social life
  • A mindset of ease in all food environments

I realize there’s a LOT of confusing information about nutrition out there – especially when it comes to “healthy” recipes and eating habits. Its stood out to me for a while and became more prominent when I started working closely with athletes and active individuals. When I share sample meal plans, I often hear responses like: “This doesn’t look like diet-food. Are you sure this is okay?” or “Wow – I feel like I’m eating so much! I can’t believe I can have this many carbs.”

So when clients started asking me for more recipe ideas…I had a hard time finding a place that was fully in line with my nutrition coaching values:

  • Choosing nutrient dense options without unnecessary ingredient substitutions. Y’all…it’s okay to cook with butter and sugar.

  • Meal and snack options with a balance of macronutrients. If you’re searching for the lowest calorie or carb options…you might be searching for the cookies right after dinner.

  • Approachable and simple recipes suited for busy lifestyles. You don’t need to cook everything from scratch. You can incorporate convenience items and take some shortcuts.

So you know what? Why not create the space. Y’all go ahead and enjoy the recipes and lifestyle content that helps me prioritize a *mostly* healthy, active lifestyle…especially in the midst of all of the ups and downs. Life is Goldin.


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